01 April 2008

Land Ironclads Goes to Print!!!

...this had better not be an April fool's joke! From TMP:

Land Ironclads - Wessex Games' game of Victorian Science Fiction ground combat - has gone to print. A companion set to our popular Aeronef VSF flyer rules, Land Ironclads is not only a complete stand-alone game allowing gamers to fight games between armies including mighty landships, devilish mechanical contraptions and brave red-coated infantry, but is also fully compatible with Aeronef itself allowing combined air-land games to be played in a seamless fashion. Inspired by the worlds of Griffiths, Le Queux, Robida, Wells and Verne, Land Ironclads comes complete with a detailed geo-political timeline from 1854 to 1901, a military overview (with unit organisation details) covering Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia, Austro-Hungary, Italy, Turkey, Spain and the Martian invader, statistics for over 200 different types of vehicle and troop types, a points system to allow you to create your own designs and five introductory scenarios set during the Great War of 1899-1901 and the Martian Invasion of 1901. The rules, which can be used for straight C19th historical battles, also include rules for land ironclads, supply, ruses, ambushes, espionage, sabotage, flying craft, underground burrowers, chemical warfare and the dreaded Martian invader. Brigade Models are producing a range of (rather superb) miniatures to support the game in the same scale as Aeronef models (2mm), but the rules can be played with any scale miniatures up to and including 15mm (in fact, with the standard 40mm unit frontage, you probably could well go larger). Land Ironclads will be a 48-page (including full-colour cover) A4 rulebook. We are hoping that Land Ironclads will be available to purchase at Salute from the Brigade Models stand on 19th April.

The discerning Gentlemen can tell that this is quality work by the embossed claim that: "Land Ironclads is a set of Victorian science fiction armoured warfare warfare rules written by Matthew Hartley , Steve Blease, Paul and David Crook inspired by the period fiction of H.G.Wells, George Griffiths and Albert Robida." Huzzah!

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  1. Hi Tas! I have been very busy the last few months jockeying for a promotion at work. The blog looks good, thanks for the Land Ironclads updates. I aim to buy the starter pack here in the next few months, but will I need to buy some infantry as well?

    All the best,