27 April 2008

Bunker Complex

You may recall that in January I bought a nice pre-made log bunker by Battlefield Accessories.
(Review here: Review - Bunker by Battlefield Accessories)

In the last few weeks I have acquired some new foliage and cam products which I have been dying to try out. I had always intended to cam up the bunker a bit for a more NVA/VC feel so it was a natural object for some experientation.

I've added silflor tufts of various sizes and shades, some of Antoneciti's home made foliage and a few others bits and pieces. I deliberately didnt aply a 'realistic' amount of foliage because the terrain still has to be handled (without damaging the effect) and I also have a habit of losing them in the jungle terrain!

I'm pretty happy with the way it came out overall, though I did have some issues using tacking glue/rubber cement with the seafoam sprigs and went instead to PVA for the foliage. So far so good, I'll do my other bunkers similarly.

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