02 March 2008

Two Ontos join the Platoon

Presenting the two M50 Ontos I have just finished. They are 15mm scale and manufactured by QRF. The models themselves are crisply cast and have nice detail, including different versions of baggage already sculpted on. The model itself comes in 6 pieces - 2 treads, a hull, a turret with 4 barrels and 2 separate (lower) barrels - all of which quickly and easily fit together.

I was quite happy with these vehicle models, though note that these are wargaming vehicles, not diorama modelling vehicles - so the hatches etc don't open and are not posable. My only complaint is the very flexible barrels, but the use of vehicle bases should reduce their handling and bending.

The models were prepared using the same techniques and colours as my recent M48s, though being less rugged than the Main Battle Tanks, I did less weathering to reflect less heavy off-road time. Upon reflection, it would have been easier to fit the turrets after everything had been detailed though. Once again the vehicle bases are by Battlefield Accessories.

As you can see, the Ontos is a very small vehicle (it was designed for airmobile ops and was air-transportable by Chinook) as these comparisons shots with an M-48 show.

Finally here are some shots of a Light Section of M-50 Ontos patrolling through some paddy fields, somewhere in I Corps Area of Operations (Paddy fields and Jungle sections by Miniature World Maker)

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