26 March 2008

Test NVA Squad completed

Here are the results of the first NVA rifle squad, completed as a colour test. Undercoated black (spray), drybrush khaki, Vallegio olive green webbing, brown boots, bronzed flesh with GW flesh wash. Rifles done with Ral Partha adobe brown woodwork and gunmetal highlights.
And who could neglect the little red star on the helmets? - it may not be good camo but it sure is good Commie indoctrination!

These are grouped as per Flashpoint Vietnam basing- an RPG group of 4 men, an RPD Group of 4 men and a Squad HQ group of 2 men.

Overall they arent as detailed or as crisp as the USMC figs but overall they are quite OK and relatively easy to paint being on the chunkier side of 15mm. I think some cam foliage on the hats would go along way too
Now to find the time to paint the other 7 Rifle Squads waiting for attention...

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