29 January 2008

Review - Bunker by Battlefield Accessories

'Lt' directs, 1st Squad, 2nd Platoon Bravo Company,
USMC to investigate a bunker complex on Hill 203
(Figs by Flashpoint Minis, painted by me)

BA237-Painted Wooden Machine Gun Bunker, by Battlefield Accessories
This is a lovely resin model, nicely pre-painted with a flocked base and a removable roof. I dont usually go for pre-painted etrrain but these really grabbed my attention, and I plan to add some more foliage to blend into the rest of my jungle terrain.

The lid fits neatly and there is space for a FoW sized 4 man base inside. Note that this one is the smaller version - there is a second, larger version of a log bunker in the same range

I think its well priced at AUD$17 (for the painted version, $9 for the raw resin version), so I got 2 of course...

You can find Battlefield Accessories online here: http://members.optusnet.com.au/carolynparker/mmmain.htm

The Boys of 1st Squad trudge up the feature to find out the hard way if Charlie is at home...

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