28 January 2008


A quiet weekend from me with no posts from me for two good reasons:

1. Jan 26 is Australia Day, our National Birthday and great cause for BBQ, Beers and celebration; and

2. This weekend was the premier Australian Wargaming convention, CANCON, organised by the Canberra Games Society and held just a few Kms from my house http://users.tpg.com.au/adsl7cnm/Flyer.pdf

Long time subscribers may recall that I went last year and had a ball with the kids http://pauljamesog.blogspot.com/2007/01/cancon-splendid-day-out.html). I was just reading that post and saw my comments "Sadly my mate Owen, who had planned to come up for the weekend and the Con, had to cancel at the last minute. There is always next year though right?". Well this indeed this year was the year and he did made it up for a cracking great time.

There wasnt much in the way of VSF, though I did spy a nice Boxer Rebellion style game. Owen and I played in a great demo scenario of Mogadishu in 1994, as famously portrayed in the movie "Blackhawk Down!". The terrain, figs and vehicles were fantastic, and the rules were fast and quick playing. We did even worse than the movie writers thought the Americans did and had a ball doing it. And yes, more than one Blackhawk crashed, as unlikely as the odds were for that!

Over the weekend I also met up with friends old and new, including Nic of Eureka Miniatures (http://www.eurekamin.com.au/), Mike of Battlefield Accessories (http://members.optusnet.com.au/carolynparker/mmmain.htm), Mick from Mick's Metal Models (http://www.micksmetalmodels.com/), who among other ranges is the Australian distributor for Peter Pig, and Greg of Cannon Fodder miniatures (http://www.canfodmins.com/) who made all the Somali gunmen for the demogame (and they were good shots too!). Needless to say, money was spent and goodies were brought home...

I also was reacquainted with Karsten whom I met last year and who has promised me pics of his and his mates' newly finished Aeronef fleets!

So a great weekend of gaming, gaming shopping and seeing my mate Owen- thanks for coming up buddy!

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  1. Cunning like a fox!

    Now I'll have to post them - I'll also see if I get the ones I got from Eureka a few weeks ago (may be Irregular 'nefs - I'll check) painted and photographed.