Adventurer Ladies, figs by Copplestone

Herr Flick and his assistant Helga

Policemen, figs by Artizan Designs - more here
Cthonic Pyramid by Fenris Games
Living Icon, model by Fenris Games
My Cultist force: The Scions of the Eternal Tentacle

The Magos: Arch-fiend and Architect of despicable deeds!
(Figure by Heresy Miniatures here)

Keeper of the Tome, Cult Zealot and the right hand of the Magos:

The Boys:
The Thug: Just don't step on his blue suede shoes!
Pistols - easily concealable mayhem
Thompson SMGs: when escalation is required!
Flamer: for when things need heating up!

Converted Bomber: when things need to go off with a Bang!
There is always one who skulks off at an inappropriate time...
All Cultists from Artizan Design's 'Thrilling Tales' collection here

Colours used: white undercoat, goblin green basecoat, heavy Thrakka Green wash, goblin Green/White highlights.
Good times together in the cursed standing stones
Giant Worm (fig by Reaper)


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