Dark Ages

"From the Fury of the North Men, Oh Lord, deliver us."
-Monk prayer from the Anglo Saxon Chronicle

Northmen, sword Danes, pagan raiders - they have many names and all instil fear when they  appear without warning from out of the morning mist, screaming with savagery and lusting for blood!

First up is the 'Ultimate Viking' who doesn't have much capacity for carrying loot but he does have a special helm!

Then there are the Thegns:
Norse Bowmen

Viking Lords: First up is "Sven's Grandfather" who has a splitting headache but as the Lad says: 'Its only a flesh wound'!

And presenting the 'Hy-Brazil Seven' who are the heroes about whom tales are told (well, in my living room anyway!)  They are (from L to R): Eric the Viking, Thorfin Skullspitter, Snorri the Miserable, Sven the Berserk, Sven's Dad, Ivar the Boneless and Ketil Blacksmith.

All these figs are by Wargames Factory, with GW cloaks and furs from the bits box, painted by my talented mate Ken M who sculpted the additional hair on with greenstuff.

Vikings made temperamental house guests...

Figures: Saxons
Presenting the Saxon Thegns who are the heavy troops defending their homes from the Northmen, but also known to raid one other, the Welsh, the Cornish, Mercia...you get the picture.
Saxon swordsmen
Saxon Axemen
and Introducing 'The Ultimate Saxon Warrior' who is armed with every conceivable weapon plus a horn (for drinking with of course, not sounding signals!)

A mighty Saxon Hero!

Behold the bearers of the Dragon Standards!

Saxon Cavalry - Wargames Factory plastic Ancient Celts, Thegn is metal by Gripping Beast

Figures: Misc

Foundry Vikings painted by Fran aka Angry Lurker - now settled in their new village!

Harold the Missionary, fig by Heroes of the Dark Age and painted by me

Most figs are Hammer of the Gods range 28mm Dark Ages Vikings and Saxons in hard plastic: