14 May 2024

New Gladiators

This week I expanded my Ludus retinue with two new Gladiators: a Scissor and a Crupellarius - both Crusader figs.

The Scissor (or "Slasher") is thought to have evolved from Secutor, and his left arm with curved blade could be used as a shield, as well as to cut the net of a Retarius. Lots of metal on this guy, which I tried to pick up in differing bronze and iron so as to break it up a bit

Clad head to foot in segmented armour topped with a great helm, the Crupellarius was an armoured behemoth. Historical information on these is very limited, but the heavy equipment would have been very encumbering and he is likely to have used a defensive style to manage fatigue. Again, lots of shiny metal on this big boy, so I used used bright yellow to break it up a bit. Figured he will charge a lot so tried a hand painted bull motif on his matching shield.

Looking forward to trying these new gladiator types out in Blood on the Sands, which has some experimental rules being made for them.

These two fighters bring my Ludus up to a “Dirty Dozen” (or Sordido Duodecim!) of varying types, including a Sagittarius.

The to-do pile is getting a little slim - better replenish soon! 
Need to get a lightly armed velite model too- one of the few types I don't yet have.

and the Lad took these to the Far North to work on in his spare time!

Modelling Note to self
- basing colour for all of these is Vallejo Dark Sand 70.847


  1. Looking good Paul! "Are you not entertained?!?!?!"

  2. Always love to see Gladiator miniatures, such a riveting period of history to explore.