18 February 2024

AHPC 14: Allied Gaul Cavalry

Gallic Cavalry with attached General Carcinogenix and his retinue

These two units are Crossing the Rubicon for me - I just don't do units of cavalry for any period, so these took some working up to. But at last, here are my Allied (Mercenary) Tribal Cavalry to fight for Caesar!

Look at those great Gallic moustaches!
Having procrastinated for years, these brought me real joy and I did the models in a weekend, including hand painting all the shields. These aren't anything special, but they are special for me - I even tried a dappled grey for the Chieftain as a stretch goal. To be honest, it took a few goes.

I've done something a bit different with the basing too - I wanted to depict them as a thundering mass of terrifying horse flesh bearing down on the trembling legionaries of Pompey Magnus. So they are on deeper bases to give them space for dynamic placement, and I chunked one of them up with even more figures to depict the attached General (mighty and renowned Chieftain Carcinogenix!) and his retinue.

I bought the figs second hand, and while I'm certain the Command figs are Crusader models, I'm not sure about the rest.  All are metal though, so these bases have a very satisfying heft when you pick them up :-)

AHPC is about pushing oneself, either in productivity or new styles, and these Cavalry models have certainly taken me out of my comfort zone and helped me round out this Army project. 



  1. Great work! These are tempting me to prime and paint the Victrix Celt cav I built (checks calendar) four years ago.

    1. They took some working up to I will admit - I think going to a massed based "army look" really helped me not feel they had to be at "Wargames Illustrated" standard, and let me just enjoy them instead

  2. You've done awesome with them- I think they look great.

  3. Impressive, especially the shields. It's great to hear they mean a lot to you and have overcome your trepidation about painting horsemen - it says that the hobby still has the power to deliver. Kudos.
    The expression 'chunked up' is a new one for me in terms of basing but they look the business.
    Congratulations. I hope they deliver on the Field of Mars for you too.

    1. Thanks Stephen - I find new techniques challenging after years of doing stuff my own way. And yet its very satisfying to get a good result in something new!
      Definitely looking forward to trying my new Army - no doubt Alan will annihilate me...again! :-)