02 June 2021

May Hobby Round up

Another month has flashed past in a blur. Other than the big battle Black Powder in the last post, I have been playing bit of Kill Team with the Lad and his WIP Emperor's Children force. Losses ensued but some were mere narrow defeats!

Hobby wise I have been in a terrain kind if place of late. In fact I have painted not one but two of the old crashed Aquila Lander sets from the Battle of Macragge boxed set (2004 I think?). One was for me, another for a mate - inevitably I liked the colours I used on his more :-)

Bargain wise, I found this GW Superheavy Tank in a car boot sale. Pretty cheap at first blush, but probably will cost me the rest of the army to wrap around it...



  1. I was looking for one of those landers on eBay- they're bloody expensive now!