05 October 2018

Trench Raid!

Some players get right into character to make the most of the experience
After a number of us scored some painted WW1 troops from the MOAB bring and buy, we were keen to throw down and get them onto the table.
French Infantry advance along the trenches
France, 1916. Sometime after dinner.

German Jager HMG team

Für das deutche Vaterland! 

The new stahlhelm proved most popular amongst the troops
 3 Central Powers players - all playing Germans, faced off against a tripartite Allied force comprising British, Belgians and French.
German Jaegers and French infantry go bump in the night. What followed was...messy

The objective - a German artillery piece in the centre of the Battlefield.
For the German players - deliver the change to the fire plan and defend the gun.
For the British - capture the maps (showing the locations of the other guns in the battery) and spike the gun.

We used "To the Last Man" rules which I may review later but suffice it to say that they provided a good set of tactical mechanics and were easy to pick up, but lack any army builder system or scenarios.  Which is fine in my book, and more importantly, we were playing fairly fluidly after a quick 20min skim of the rules.

What followed was mayhem, mills bombs and mirth. The terrain was awesome (trenches courtesy of Alan, who was sadly absent) and the effect were both very impressive and great to play on.

Noting that I will be deployed next month, this was unilaterally declared our Centenary of Remembrance wargaming activity.

More to follow!


  1. Alan’s trenches look great!

  2. Looks like great fun! Table, figs, everything all comes together really well. Nice hat too mate!

    1. I cant take credit for the battle bowler- thats John's!

  3. A fantastic batrep inside impressive, beautiful and atmopsheric trenches...superb!

  4. Looks great and what a score they look fab!