25 September 2018

Romanised Orcs!

A bit of experimental tomfoolery involving Oathmark Goblins, Warlord shields and banner and a fireforge cape.  All painted up in the same colours as my recent Frostgrave Orc posse and on the same winterised base style.

I originally planned to have them individually based, but I wanted to show a well drilled, elite Orc infantry units.  I could also do that, reflecting a solid (yet ragged) looking shield wall, on a group basing.  I'm happy that the final result depicts just that, but retains a bit of Orc wildness with a mix of weaponry at the same time.

And behold! An EliteFoot unit for Dragon Rampant!


  1. Hi Paul,

    Excellent work old chap! Lord alone knows what you were drinking beforehand to come up with that idea but I want some....:-0

    All the beast, sorry best,


    1. Thanks David! One cup of human kindness coming up :-)

  2. Very roman mate, new roman gods too like Mork and Gork? Great work!

  3. Huh. Now they are ... disturbing.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Very tasty! I like the basing and how they are arranged. All ready to send their enemies eunt domus.

  6. Wonderful work. I always thought of Celts being more Orcish like, but then again I have a soft spot in my heart for Romans. I do really like the basing - it's much more interesting that then standard 3x2 for a six figured base

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