01 April 2018

SAGA Redux

Its been some time since I opened my Dark Ages collection but the new edition of SAGA has piqued some interest at the club. Sufficiently so for me to get out my Irish Warband and finished them off.  They hit the table at Club night last week - I was frankly overwhelmed by trying to remember the game, understand the new game, and try to use a new warband.  I was also against my old Nemesis Alan who masterfully carved me into small parcels with his Scots without loosing a SAGA dice worth of casualties in return!
Alan's beautifully painted Scots
Alan's beautifully painted Scots repel yet another charge by the Irish!
Then on Good Friday, Slowpainter John treated us to a SAGA Bash at his place where 8 of us pushed lead around and got into the new rules with a "learn together" type approach.  There are lots of reviews on the net but suffice to say that the system is now more granular and I think has added tactical depth without significant complication.  Good stuff.
Pagan Russ arrayed for Battle 
Mounted Hearthguard secure the left flank of Izzie's Welsh battle line
Marty's Anglo-Danes and Aled's Anglo-Saxons clash
Alan's Russ Warlord seeks out a worthy opponent on the field of battle
I played my Irish again, this time against Aled who was using Alan's gorgeous Pagan Russ for the first time and took the mercenary Steppe Horseman too.  With some coaching assistance from the Dux I managed to pull off a win with my Warhounds being best on ground after they mauled the Steppe Nomans and then dragged down the Russ Warlord (reminiscent of Thulsa Doom's village attack in the opening scene of the original Conan the Barbarian!)
The Puppies in action, harrying and mauling the Horse Archers from the Steppe 
The dogs of war were indeed slipped - the enemy warlord was tasty!
I'll post up some pics of my Irish separately.


  1. Well played Sir! What an awesome sight a pack of Irish Warhounds makes, unless of course you are on the receiving end.

  2. Another fantastic battle report sir!