06 July 2017

A quick game of BA

2 v 2 game down the pub - good fun!
Back from holidays just in time to catch up with the lads for a 4 player late war BA game.
This saw a German Heer and FSJ counterattack on a Brit Airborne and US Army position in a small village.
Having taken the town, the lads wait for the inevitable Jerry counterattack!
A fun, quick game introducing a new young player to the game (who did remarkably well too - good job!), it saw two notable events; the first time EVER that my sniper has taken out a target and the first time EVER that my medic has saved anyone.  And they have played in every game since I built the Army, so thats a lot of attempts! 'Bout time they started to pull their weight too I must say!
Cor blimey - they've got a Panzer! 
FSJ advance on the right flank in strength
Right lads, skip round behind the cottage sharpish!
Dont worry our tank'll take care of that mess, unless he misses (which he did twice!)
The game ended up in some nasty hand to hand in the big building, which saw the FSJ firmly in control by game end.  Lots of fun!


  1. Great looking game Paul and nice pub arrangement you've got going on there.

    1. It's great - pub meals and beers wonderfully compliment the excellent company and gaming!

  2. Nice looking game, beautiful terrain!

  3. I have been looking at Bolt Action recently. My youngest is very interest in Army guys but for some reason my 100 or so space marines do not look like proper army guys. How are the rules for the new edition

    1. They are effectively the same with a few tweaks here and there to un-nerf some of the more broken parts.

      Your son sounds like a very intelligent young man - and Warlord/Artizan is a much cheaper hobby fix than GW :-)

  4. An excellent battle report. Nothing more annoying than paying the points and money for a model, spend ages painting it, only for it to not pull its weight! Congratulations on breaking their streak.