03 April 2017

AHPC VII Reflections - Part 2: the Pics

I thoroughly enjoyed AHPC VII and am still lamenting its conclusion. It has easily been the best sustained hobby productivity I have had in at least a decade.  Modesty aside, I also think its some of the best quality 28mm painting I have ever produced.

This is what my new personal best of 1228 points looks like (previous best was 850 odd in AHPC IV).  I participated in all five Bonus rounds, received a Runner Up position in the Armour Bonus Round and my Red Skull figure was nominated (not by me!) in the Challenger's Choice voting.  Very humbling.

These Russian spider mecha picked up runner-up slot in the Armour bonus round

I really enjoyed painted figures as gifts - these were a true highlight for me.
Millsy with the Gimpy leg for Dave D
Centurion Alanus for Dux
this Orc beast rider for Slowpainter John
Looting Landsknecht Curtgeld
So its been a great challenge, for which the regular gaming at our Odin's night gaming club gave me great focus (thanks lads).   But most importantly,  it gave Reilly and I some dedicated hobby time together which has been fantastic.  Thanks again for an awesome hobby activity Curt!

Finally, I was delighted to be part of the AHPC team behind the scenes, in my capacity as Tuesday co-minion with Dux.  It took a bit of time away from my painting, but it was so very satisfying to be on Curt's staff to help make this great blogosphere activity happen.  In return Curt has very kindly painted this figure for me, which I'm absolutely thrilled with.
Kurt the wasteland survivor and prospective wasteland gang leader (once I get some more figs that is!)

This fellow was a bit too cleanly kitted-out to my way of thinking, so I added a slung blanket roll and chest pack to make him look a little more a seasoned Wasteland Wanderer. I did up the base similar to my Metro 2033 stuff, with hi-contrast A-bomb ash, shattered brick and a partially buried I-beam for him to trip over.

AHPC VII - so long and thanks for all the fish.

From Paul O'G: AHPC VII Offerings from my Man Cave


  1. Great stuff Paul, see you next year!

  2. An excellent achievement! There's a good chunk of a Chaos army there.

  3. a cracking time was had ... well done on the PB .

  4. You had a great challenge! Your painting was really very good and the variety was a pleasure to look at.

  5. Congrats on a great challenge. By the way I think you're using too much red on that giant ogre figure at the back of the last picture

  6. Great horde of painted goodness for the collection. Well done. cheers

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