24 January 2017

AHPC VII 'East' Bonus Round: Millsy of the Naval Brigade

Presenting Lieutenant Commander Michael Mills, New South Wales Volunteer Naval Reserve. Seen here serving with the colonial Naval Brigade dispatched from Australia to the Sudan to give the Mad Mullah a darn good thrashing!

A renowned adventurer, "Millsy” (as he is known in the shearing sheds of the Outback) naturally could not resist to Empire. How he lost his leg is unclear but it involves a dromedary, 3 lovely ladies, a fresh spring of lavender, 4 Chinese coolies and an eel. What is certain is that the prosthesis that the ship's artificer made for him keeps him mobile and on his feet, GIMPy though it is!

From an Imperial perspective, Australia is in the far East. And Africa is also East of Great Britain. And the Sudan is in Eastern Africa. Thats three reasons why this qualifies as an "East” submission :-)

This entry was inspired on Google chat one morning with DaveD when we discussed the Sudan being Australia's first contribution of military forces outside our own colonies. This small contribution to Dave's Sudan project will be winging his way shortly. Congrats on completing your thousand Mahdist foot milestone Dave, and I hope this miniature version of Millsy leads your Jolly Jack tars to victory against them!

Sources advise that a Nile River gunboat Command might be available to him soon!

Figure is by Artisan Designs - "Colonel Lattimer" from the Mars Frontier Force range.

This bonus round entry is here:


  1. I have refrained from shouting "Millsy is a Gimp!"

    Instead let me just say what a splendid figure and so very well painted

  2. great Jon Paul... much appreciated

  3. Wonderful work Paul, such a great character piece.

  4. Neat looking model and a great paint job. Those steampunk Victorians are pretty snazzy with their fancy clothes and clanky parts. You are braver than me; If I painted one I'd probably be too tempted to get some more and start a collection of my own. I got some Tong models to work at but they are going to be pirates and will hopefully never discover the 19th century.

  5. Hopefully my namesake performs at a level commensurate with his paint job. Amazing work Paul!