05 June 2016

Day Bolt Action Tourney

Miserable weekend weather cancelled the kids' sporting events and provided the perfect opportunity to visit a local games club with Slowp8nter John instead!

The games club "Company of Dice" was playing a mega Bolt Action campaign to commemorate this week being 6 June.

13 Missions were played over two sessions, with an overall Commander on both sides, allocating players to tasks.

Morning games being beach landing/areo drop focused, and the afternoon ones being focused in the bocage and approaches to Caen.  To be honest we dropped in for socials not gaming so here is some of the eye candy that was on display, including a lot of lovely scratch built terrain:

I really liked this lovely scratchbuilt entrenchment position terrain

And I loved the use of .22 rim fire casings as shock markers too! Might have to steal that idea...

This was a really beautifully painted late war German platoon I spied (the painter said he used a toothpick to do the camo dots)

A wonderful scenario set around a large bridge feature in the centre of the table:

This lovely table was painstakingly put together with many, many Hirst arts blocks and topped off with a range of 4 Ground buildings

And made a great spot for some mechanised 'cat and mouse' games with big cats:

And these just took my fancy!

This is the best paper printed buildings I've seen: printed and stuck onto a plasticard frame


  1. Great looking terrains and figures, love your fabulous trenches...

    1. They are indeed, but sadly not mine. Scratch build by one of the club guys.

  2. Now that looks lie a seriously good day out - fabulous!

    1. Even better, it was held at the local bowls club and the bar was open. Nothing better than dice in one hand and a beer in the other

    2. I will agree with that!

  3. Great looking games Paul!I like the use of tooth picks too.

  4. Thanks for coming down with me mate. It sure was a great looking event and everyone was having a lot of fun. Bolt Action, Beer and Schnitzels, how could it not be fun?

  5. Great to see you and John turm up Paul.
    Fantastic photos.

    Thanks for the plug.

  6. Neat stuff Paul! Thanks for sharing the photos. I love having a look at terrain because I don't do enough of it myself and have to look off other people's ideas. The late war Germans look awesome. I'm trying something similar and toothpicks were suggested but it feels like a foreign object compared to a brush.