20 March 2016

Painting Challenge: Samurai of the Koryu Buntai

Better late than never right? I thought so too!

To add to the figs' authenticity, I painted them watching the adventures on Shintaru in the classic series The Samurai
I've let myself down in the challenge this year.  Perhaps I should have listened a bit more closely to my inner cynic reciting the challenges of moving 16,000 kms to a new house, job, country, hemisphere.  Anyway, despite not making my total I was determined to avoid being a 'no entry guy' and at least have one worthy entry.  So finally, here are 9 samurai of the Koryu Buntai faction for Ronin.
My favourite 3 figures in the Buntai
I had no plan to buy this game or its figures but once again I became a victim to shininess after meeting the game's author Craig Woodfield at CanCon and having a great chat with him over dinner and beers (first world problems, I know).    However, painting these got me rather frustrated because after almost 2 years without a brush in hand, my skill fade was far worse than I had expected.  Anyway, I have them finished now and am happy to register 45 points worth of achievement.
All the colour and patterns was quite a change from my usual figure styles and camo.
but I'm rather pleased with the clothing.  The base flowers add to the colourful appearance too.
I'd like to thank two people in particular.  Actually now that I think about it they were the ones who peer-pressured me into this in the first place...

Firstly Miles, who very kindly donated not one but two beautiful Langton 1/1200 ships to my cause.  I had every intent of making those my entries (and even accepted a Naval side challenge ) but unfortunately logistics issues made that an untenable proposition (yes they somehow got mixed up with my sea freight and only just arrived).  On the plus side I still have them to look forward to painting and they now have more squadron mates in my inventory.  Thanks Miles, I'm looking forward to giving them the attention they deserve. 

And to show my appreciation, here is a spreadsheet just for you:
My challenge productivity: started badly and tailed off in the middle...
Secondly, hearty thanks to Dux who came to my rescue at the eleventh hour with the gift of an Army Painter basing set so I complete my submission- thanks mate, that was very thoughtful !
Thanks indeed Dux!
Curt was also kind enough to award me bonus points for my 1680mm figure in 1:1 scale camo (see here:http://tasmancave.blogspot.com.au/2016/03/making-11-scale-camouflage.html) for a grand total of 55 points :-)

So thats my painting comp entry for this year - way off course from where I thought I would be but much better than a zero point no show (plus I like to think that I have some reasonable mitigation).  I hereby also concede my three side challenges.  Regardless, I'm happy to be on the scoreboard and am looking forward to putting these figs on the table.

You can see my Painting Challenge entry here:


  1. I love the designs you've done, kudos for not just block painting (which is what i would have done...)

    1. Cheers! I figured that this very nice sculpts deserved more than block colours, though choosing designs I could carry off was more challenging than I thought it would be!

  2. How do they scale with Perry samurai? (I presume they are North Star in your pics)

    1. Yes mate these are the Northstar figures from the boxed set at the back in the first pic. To be honest I dont have any other Samurai (yet!) so cant tell you how they size up against other ranges.

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  4. They look ace! I have these chaps, too...definitely my favourite of the Ronin boxes.

  5. Really nice work! I like 'em.

  6. The picture are a bit blurry but those figures don't look that bad. But most of all congrats for finding back to the painting table.
    Well done, Sir!

  7. I won't tell Craig that you called him Chris. Or maybe I will...:0 Nice job, and good to see you make it onto the soresheet.

    1. Thanks mate - not sure why I keep doing that!

  8. Sure it was a single entry but it was a great one. Thanks for agreeing to join us this year, Paul. I hope we will see more of you next time out.

  9. I am a huge fan of this new chapter you are writing, through actions. The figs and philosophy seem to be flowing which means you are getting it right. It only helps that the paint looks great and the satisfaction shows through.

    Well done mate!