01 March 2016

King of Tokyo!

Dux's alter ego for the day
I was really done with unpacking boxes and setting up the house last weekend (all while watching the Hobby Challenge timeline race down, making me feel appropriately guilty).  So it was a delight to chuck all that in and head on over to Dux's ducal palace with the family and enjoy a lovely summer day with a BBQ.

A great day out with lots of banter and fun.  And while we did duck into his painting cave for 5 mins at the end, we respected the presence of the wives and kids and didn't dominate the lunch with hobby chatter.  Honest.  But after lunch we did break out a game of King of Tokyo with the kids.

Reilly attacks the Dux with his lazer gaze attack, with minimal effect
...while the little duchesses gang up on him and throw him out of Tokyo!
What a fun little game with all the hallmarks of good design - easy to pick up, quick to play, and hard to master.
The self satisfied grin of a daughter who has just slain her father...
The maniacal face of a man who just won with a yahtzee like roll
Having just unpacked them, I knew exactly where to find my kaiju movie collection to follow up the game with some classic flicks.


  1. A favourite in our house...the kids always get bedazzled by the shiny cards and spend too much time collecting energy while me and the wife mercilessly attack each other! Fun!

  2. Never heard of this one but might be worth a look.

  3. I really like this game - although your taste in cinema is, umm, questionable

    Where's Mothra?
    Where's Rodan?
    Where's Gamera?

    I'm very disappointed

    1. How about 'Green Slime"? :)

    2. Miles, in my nugatory defence I offer:
      A. This is only a selection of my collection,
      B. Those classic beasts appear in a number of these movies, and
      C. Gigan kicks all their asses anyway :-)