03 January 2016

ECW Relics at the Tower of London

Some eye candies we found while visiting the Royal Armouries exhibit at the White Tower recently:
Harquebusier's Breastplate, buff coat and equipment (but not the colt .45 next to it though!)

Helmet detail

The inlaid armour of King Charles I

Cuirassier armour
Period pikeman's uniform

Long barrelled cavalry pistols
Period Falcon cannon


  1. That buff coat looks really yellow. Is that just the lighting or is that color about right?

    1. Yes it was just like that. Of course, its brand new and never been outside. With extended wear and exposure to sun and rain it would naturally fade. I think the colours you see in the BBC Television series "By the Sword Divided" would be about right.

      Interestingly, the information on that display indicated that the buff coat was far more expensive to procure than the breastplate