08 December 2015

Aussie Bloggers Meet-Up: CanCon 2016

OK Aussie bloggers, time to get together to put some faces to names and blogs - those Poms do it all the time so CanCon seems a good opportunity for us to do likewise!

1pm at the Board Games section in the Northern Hall (not the main traders one, that will give us a bit more space)

Come for an hour or come for 5mins, its all good.  Tentatively planning for there to be a second session later that evening with some adult beverages - stay tuned for more details!

Spread the word!

Cheers to Millsy for making up the graphic


  1. 'Adult beverages' - what could possibly go wrong? Have fun chaps.

    1. What could go wrong? Running out of money at the traders before we get to the bar!

  2. Sweet! My Brother and I are flying down from QLD for CANCON!

  3. Promoted. Hoping to be there; I need an excuse to go to Cancon again :)

  4. Awesome. Have a drink for me and toast wargamers who live so far away in Australia it's two overpriced flights to get there. Cheers

  5. What day Paul? Or do we need an excuse to have adult beverages every day!

  6. Wonderful idea!
    Have a great time there, chaps!

  7. I would love too attend...but unfortunately I will be back overseas again. Maybe 2017 my roster might allow me to attend.