16 August 2015

Geeky Artefacts at the EMP

This guy needs no introduction!
During my Summer adventures I took my family to the EMC Museum in Seattle, and what a treasure trove of geeky goodness it is!  Among its other exhibits it has original props and costumes from a large range of classic SciFi and Horror movies.  Here are some of the highlights:

The original light sabres
War of the Worlds, 1953 style

Aliens fans will recognise these immediately

Deckard's Police Cruiser from Blade Runner
Deckard's "PKD Service Revolver"
Zhora's costume
Pris's costume
5th Element props
The original Klingon D7 Battlecruiser model

BSG fans will be most familiar with this dress
Ovian from the original BSG
Viper Pilot costume
The Spice must flow...
I shall not fear, fear is the mind killer...

Discovery 1 from 2001: A Space Odyssey
Space weapons and zap guns - how many do you recognise?

The Creature from the Black lagoon
Zombie Werewolf - I knew they were real!
Conan's Atlantean Sword

Weapons from Lord of the Rings

...and your father smelled of elderberries!

Fans of the Princess Bride know who has 6 fingers on his right hand
One of Tyrion Lannister's outfits
We all really loved seeing these goodies fro our favourite shows.  And then the Museum had a temporary exhibit of Star Wars costumes...more to follow on that!



  1. Damn it. Didn't even know about this. Would have gone and had a look too. Thanks for the photos Paul!

  2. Lots of cool, I mean nerdy stuff! Thanks for sharing all the pics.

  3. Very nice pictures Paul, Indeed a museum to visit if I ever get to Seattle :)

  4. That looks like a fun place to go

  5. Whoah that looks like a great place to visit! You lucky man!

  6. I actually walked through the free part some years ago when they first opened. Didn't realize how impressive the collection is - that said, I'm not really a scifi fan. I do like that Blade Runner car though.

  7. That is so cool. What a great vision. Good to see the craft and creativity on display like that.