18 June 2015

Soviet IS4 Heavy Tank Protoype

Fantastic pics I found on the interweb of the post WW2 Soviet IS4 tank.  Not familiar with it?  Here is what wiki has to say about this real tank.


There are 2 different tanks known as IS-4. One of these (Objekt 245) was an IS-2 rearmed with a long 100mm D-10T cannon. The other IS-4 was a new vehicle projected by LKZ in parallel with the IS-3 (Objekt 703) by the same design and development bureau. For this second IS-4 the IS-2 hull was lengthened, with an extra set of road wheels added and an improved engine. Both hull and turret armour were increased. Several alternative armaments were explored in paper studies but ultimately the IS-2's original 122mm gun was retained. An effort was also made to make use of technical data derived from study of the German wartime Panzer V Panther tank, which influenced the layout of the second IS-4's engine cooling system. The tank was approved for mass production from 1947 to 1949 but due to disappointing speed and mobility only 250 were built. Most of these were transferred to the Russian Far East. In 1949, production was cancelled and later these tanks were removed from service.

Today I finished pointing this Object 701 No. 6 (IS-4 Prototype). It’s a theoretical subject panted as it might have looked during the battle for Mainland Japan sometimes in late 1945 or early 46. I gave this model a faded chipped camo seen on some of the cold war Soviet armor. Some reference photos are included below. 

Again I would like to thank Ivan Cocker for the awesome figures. I would also to think Chris Jerrett for his help with scanning and providing me with the reference photos.

The kit used is the Trumpeter IS-4 kit that I reworked and backdated to an Object 701 No. 6 using Evergreen sheet plastic, Aber PE and copper sheet. As most of you know there is a gallery containing step-by-step photos of the full build can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1468022133437327.1073741858.1428235010749373&type=3 

Thanks for looking


  1. Really impressive! Especially the weathering is first class.