07 November 2014

From the mouths of Lads

I asked Right Stuff about his History homework recently and he went into a spiel about The Absolute Right of Kings, Parliamentary measures to try and control absolute Monarchs,  the English Civil War and its subsequent restoration.  He completed his informative monologue by saying (unprompted) – "actually that would be a pretty cool period to play wargames in”   I shall shall move swifty but not overzealously…

But my favourite quote of the conversation was him saying “Monarchial disputes are just so stupid.  Why are the people so surprised when the new one is a d*ck like the last one?"


  1. Here comes the new boss..same as the old boss.
    Great post.

  2. “Monarchial disputes are just so stupid. Why are the people so surprised when the new one is a d*ck like the last one?"
    Smart lad

  3. There is a PHD there for sure.

    Oh warlord do some nice plastics for the period in dispute and have nice start packs heheheheh.

  4. You should fear him when he gets on to the topic of the Levellers by the sounds of it. ;-)

  5. Sounds like the young chap is well on his way to playing Parliamentarians!

    Good luck to him, I say!

  6. So it looks like I shall be playing the dashing Cavaliers.

    The next discussion point is scale. 28mm is lovely for detail, but I am keen to continue the Lad's wargaming education, moving away from skirmish scale and playing with massed ranks of troops. Not very coincidentally, Dux has already started a Roundhead 6mm army and they are looking rather lovely. Time to join the fray then!