19 May 2014

Round 4 Matches

The Darkland Decimators prepare for a Chaos onslaught!
 The weekend saw our Rookie season round 4 matches. On Friday Night Right Stuff's Elves took on Peter's Necro Necromanga team, while my Chaos Dwarves played James's Chaos Team, Fatal Femmes, (the team Right Stuff beat in Round 2) on Saturday.

Sherthor Scorchers vs Necromanga

You know how sometimes all the dice roll your way and the game is filled with golden moments, fun and Star Player Points? Well for Right Stuff this wasn't one of those games at all.  The match went from bad to worse with an unfeasible number of 1s being rolled by the pointy ears.  It looked like Right Stuff's luck was changing when in desperation he dodged a player into two Tackle Zones, picked up the ball, lobbed an accurate pass to a downfield receiver who caught it nimbly, only to have him sprint downfield and trip on the line with no rerolls left! The necro won 3 nil but Right Stuff took it on the chin.  You don't have to like the result but I was impressed with how much he has grown up in this respect and being a good sport.

On a positive note, he didn't have any players permanently maimed or killed !

Darkland Decimators vs Fatal Femmes
When Chaos Dwarves meet Chaos on the pitch the result is...Chaotic! I kicked to the opposition and lost a Hobgoblin early on (while dodging away, how embarrassing) but then caught a lucky break, managed to turn over the Femmes near the endzone and complete a pass with some Hobgolblins to be 1 up at half time.
James's Fatal Femmes were very nice fawn type fantasy characters.  "You wouldn't hit a girl would you?" he taunted!
Receiving in the second half, I was in a good place to be hopeful but I made some dull positioning errors in my drive and was turned over, enabling the Chaos team to equalise.  With only 3 turns left I setup for my drive but fumbled the ball twice in the backfield and was in defensive mode, just holding out to the end for a 1 all draw.  I managed to get 3 casualties of my own (including a Hobgoblin taking out a Chaos Warrior!) but in return the Chaos team took out my rising star Bull Centaur and left him with a Niggling injury.  Arrrrgggghhhh.

After the match I skilled up a Chaos Dwarf with Guard (I've being really waiting for that) and a Hobgoblin got another double skill, but I went with Sure Hands instead - I'm sick of using rerolls to just pick up the ball.  3 Draw results in a row is frustrating but better than 3 losses to be sure (and technically I guess I'm - somehow - undefeated), and my boys are doing well at the top of the casualty charts too!
Season's Top Casualty inflicters
1  Khahrdi Mandi MummyUnforgiven 4
-profile Rahlad the Spiky Chaos Dwarf BlockerDarkland Decimators 4
-  Suh'ulk Laz-buth Chaos MinotaurFatal Femmes 4
4  Gorkh the Unpleasant Chaos Dwarf BlockerDarkland Decimators 3
5  Isirii Chaos WarriorFatal Femmes 2
-  Bhrukka Orc BlitzerBrutomax Broots 2
-  Raging Bull Dark Elf BlitzerTeam of the Century 2
-  Jedan Ghoulsmasher Bull CentaurGargoth Gargoyles 2
-  RhoaAzz Black Orc BlockerBrutomax Broots 2
-  Ariesah Chaos WarriorFatal Femmes 2


  1. Well I know how he feels and would be a lot more sympathetic if he wasn't running Elves! ;) In a seriousness, sportsmanship in all things is a quality to be admire, well done Right Stuff.

  2. Raw, raw, ree!
    Kick 'em in the knee!
    Raw, raw, rass!
    Kick 'em in the other knee!

  3. BLAM! Nomination here...