07 March 2014

"Medusa" the Churchill

Introducing "Medusa", a British Mk VII Churchill tank.  This heavy tank may not have packed the same wallop as some of the German big cats in her tonnage range, but this was tank which saw plenty of action and could take a beating. 

This 28mm vehicle is by Warlord Games and I was very impressed with it as a whole.  The casting was crisp and the detail very clear.  I was also impressed with the quick and professional service I got from Warlord when I reported that the tank commander figures were missing and they duly arrived the following week no questions asked. Bravo.

I've painted this tank up as part of the 4th Coldstream Guards who served with the 6th Guards Tank Brigade in Normandy.  No 13 Troop of C Squadron to be precise, along with troop mates "Minotaur" and "Minerva" all named after famous Royal Navy warships.  Why did I choose this particular unit?  Because my good buddy Dux Homunculorum painted his own Churchill tank as "Minotaur" last year (see here) and I wanted them to be in the same unit (see here).

But Dux's poor Minotaur doesn't have a tank Commander figure though, which is why I painted up this second one for him as his prize in our side challenge.  Congrats mate and well earned - I'll even deliver him to you this weekend!
"Bill" who is destined to command Dux's Churchill
Medusa joins my British Para force as some heavy support and netted me another 20 points for the painting challenge.  You can see the entry here: