09 April 2013

Varjazi & Basileus

More SAGA goodness! I'm envious of those of you who can pick up a copy at the SALUTE release:

Varjazi & Basileus is a full colour mini supplement for the SAGA rules and is the last one to cover the factions of the Viking Age.

Contained within are all the rules and background for three new factions, one of which, the Byzantines, has already been the subject of a article in a sold-out issue of Wargames Illustrated. The other two are the Pagan Rus and their successors, the Era of The Princes Rus.

Also included are a new Swords For Hire unit, the dreaded Steppe Nomads, who can be in the pay of all three of these factions, and a new Hero Of The Viking Age for the Byzantines, Harald Hardradda, Captain Of The Varangian Guard.

We wanted to end this cycle with a bang so Varjazi & Basileus is presented in a full-colour card folder that can accommodate your Battleboard collection, the Rulebook and an additional supplement. Varjazi & Basileus also contains the relevant 3 Battleboards.£12


  1. I´m looking forward to the release to, and I might get some more use of my Baltic Heathen as Pagan Rus...

    Best regards Michael

  2. likewise...very jealous of those going to Salute. I would get some Plastic Warriors as well. They look awesome and perfect for Saga.