12 March 2013

Playoffs Round 1

Its finals time in the ACTBBL, and the system we use is:
1st place plays 2nd place in the other conference
3rd place plays 4th place in the other conference - sudden death

The Elves' Emblem- girly!
This pitted Odinn's Champions against the winner of the other Conference, the veteran wood elves of The Savage Rose.  Luke's team sported some seriously skilled up pointy ears including a 5 Ag thrower who leads the season's completion tally and who has a bounty on his head!  Reilly had a stack of inducements and took a Wizard, a babe, a 100k card and 2 x 50k cards.

The first half was a head turner as the woodies drove a 3 turn TD, followed quickly by 2 turn Norse equaliser.  The Woodies struck back similarly and the Norse were looking good to tie it up 2 all going into the second half when a key fumble gave the woodies the chance theye were waiting for to turn the Norse over and be 3:1 up.  But casualties were mounting and by half time the treeman was out for the game and two elves were dead on the slab (sweet!).

The Norse received to start the second half in the rain and drove down, taking more off the pitch but even 5 elves can be a pain.  Still, they got TD2 in, the elves strike back (the wizard whiffed), and the Norse squeeked through a 3rd TD to loose the game very respectably at 4 to 3.  Satisfyingly, 6 casualties were inflicted including 3 deaths, setting a new Casualty record for the Champions and enabling the Yeti to skill up with Stand Firm.

Despite the loss Odinn's Champs aren't out yet and will face off against the winner of one of the 3rd v 4th place matches (yet to be played).


  1. Wow, that must have been an amazing game to watch!
    Season isn't over yet so Go-For-It and add a few more Cas to the account!