14 November 2012

Prize Arrives

Last month I was a lucky bugger and won a competition at the "Lost in the Warp" blog (see here).  This week the goodies arrived at the Canberra Man Cave, along with a nice extra - a set of customised Block Dice (which of course the Lad immediately claimed as his rightful share of the loot as Man Cave co-inhabitant).  Thanks very much James, thats awesome.  I'll post again when its all painted up!
Visit James's Blog here: http://www.lostinthewarp.com/


  1. Cool, congrats!

    Any chance to do a comparison between those lovely black block dice, and some NAF official others (Size, weight, feel, all wrapped up with a couple of pics)?
    Just a thought.

    1. No problem! I'll take some pics this weekend for you

    2. Sweet.
      Those black ones do look nice, and since NAF black ones are kinda like mythical creatures now a days (seldom seen and far between), those could present themselves as an interesting substitute.