14 December 2011

Man Cave on the move...again!

Yep, time for the biennial Man Cave relocation - this time back to Canberra.
I'll be offline for a bit, and praying that all my minis arrive safely!


  1. Love the picture, moving is hell. Hope this goes smoothly for you though.

  2. If you lose anything in the move make sure its your wife's nicknacks and not that case of A++ painted wargaming minis.

    Good luck,

  3. Good luck with the move - our last move was during the Christmas season also - uggh

    Have a great holiday if you don't get back online until after the 25th


  4. If you want you can send me some of your minis for safe keeping until you move ;)

    Seriously, hope the move goes well and nothing is damaged.

  5. Hope the move goes well - look forward to seeing you in Sydney.

  6. Hope your move goes well. I moved around Xmas time about 5 years back from Atlanta, GA to just north of Tampa, FL...my wife and I both had the flu...ugh, we had to store about 90% of our stuff, so the only things that came with us was our pets, my gaming stuff, clothing and computer related gear..called roughing it!

    Happy Holidays down there!

  7. Fingers crossed nothing gets lost or broken! I am talking about your figures as well.

  8. Good luck! Get it done and get back here :)

  9. Hi

    I hope the move went well.

    God article in the latest issue of Wargame Illustated about you and the Lad.

    Merry Christmas to you both !

    Best regards Dalauppror

  10. Hope tha tmove went well....nothing completes a mancave like a wet bar!