10 December 2011

Both Down

Just when you were getting over the demise of "Tackle Zone Radio", a new BB podcast appears in time for Christmas - thanks Santa!!!


  1. brought to you by the same gingers who are hosting the brand new orclahomabowl.com tournament in january!

  2. And who are great guys but I cant explain why until after Christmas...

  3. Word I heard... this podcast is more from a newbie perspective. I think that will help set it apart a bit.

    p.s. TZ Radio lives on as the ZTZ

  4. Well that will be good. Good to have the TZR guys back as part of Zlurpcast, and I enjoy their in depth chats. Sadly their "d & b" and other comments make it inappropriate for the Lad to enjoy though.

  5. Hey guys... we're trying to get the podcast up ASAP! Thanks for the good words.
    It's much more newbie than the others in ways, but we'll do our best to make it interesting.
    Not completely clean, but we didn't expect kids listening :-)

  6. Just an update, we have gone live! Check out BothDown.com for the podcast. itunes and rss feed coming shortly.