06 July 2010


Havent had an entry in this category for some time, and then I heard about this guy...

Günther Viezenz (born 1 February 1921 in Silesia) was a highly decorated German Hauptmann (Captain) in the Wehrmacht during WW2.

Viezenz is the record-holder of the Tank Destruction Badge. He single handedly destroyed 21 enemy tanks with hand held explosives such as a panzerfaust, satchel charge, teller mines or hand grenades. He was awarded four Tank Destruction Badges in Gold and one in Silver (obviously the photo was before he got all of those).  He received Ritterkreuz (Knight's cross) on 7 January 1944.

After World War II Viezenz joined the Bundeswehr on April 1, 1956 and retired as Oberst (Colonel) on March 30, 1980. He died in Cologne in 1999.


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