24 October 2009

Deathwing Colours and Paint Stripping

I've always been a big fan of Deathwing, partly because of the great Deathwing expansion for 1st edition Space hulk, but also because my first GW army (in Epic), was a Dark Angels army. But I always found the ivory/bone/cream/white brightness a bit....fake really. Then this week I found this different take on painting Deathwing - a grimy and battered appearance which looks to have spent the last week exteminating xeno scum in an ancient hulk!
This great work was by Ron here:
So I did a quick invetory of my unpainted terminators and spent a few hours stripping paint off 10: enough to make two squads, each with a Sgt with Power Sword, and a Heavy Flamer. I got them off ebay rather cheap awhile ago and I found out why....these guys must have about 6 layers of paint on them!
They are now in their third (and hopefully final) dip in Simple Green preparing for their transformation into Deathwing. I'll be using my Dragon Forge theme bases for these guys too.
My objective is to have them finshed before I have to pack up the Man Cave to move house.


  1. Can't wait to see them - what are you stripping them with?

  2. I keep hearing about using simple green to strip paint, but how good does it work? Last time used a thinner from a model car paint line(can't remember the name, would require me to put up an ounce of effort to go look). It peeled the paint right off, but expensive.

  3. Simple Green, its a strong but safe household cleaning agent (availble in Bunnings in Oz BTW)

    Bede - yes it does, but in my experience it takes a few gos, and deft application of the back of a blade for deep recesses and corners. If you can get a hole in the paint, then the agent will get between the paint and the metal/platsic on the next soak. I generally soak at least over night (but days/weeks if I get distracted). Plastics no problem at all - no damage.