23 July 2009

Naval Diplomacy!

Communications at the Man Cave were down, smashed by that last raid by Tojo...(or was it Jerry?) We were down to Mk 1 eyeball and field glasses employed in the Coast watcher role. The unexpected appearance of warship masts on the horizon sent the locals into a spin. Alarms were raised, sirens wailed, the gin was stowed in protective crates and the non combatants rushed off to shelters in anticipation of an offshore bombardment.
Then, the ensigns of the approaching flotilla came into stark relief - behold, a friendly squadron. Indeed the brave and daring lads of the RAN have come to visit!
Thanks to my mate DC of the London Man Cave annex (AKA the Raleigh factorium) for the kind donation of these four ships for War at Sea, which he has based up beautifully. Not only do I recall giving him some advice on what ensign the RAN used during WW2 (before the introduction of the RAN's own white ensign) but what makes these really special is that I have served on the modern namesakes of two of these ships: HOBART and ARUNTA.
Thanks a lot David, its most appreciated.
Watch out Comrade James; Ive got reinforcements for our next War at sea game!


  1. Glad you like them (that was a no brainer BTW!)and I am sure they will give sterling (or should that be Aussie dollar?) service. I see they arrived just in time - civilisation would have been plunged into darkness had the gin been destroyed!

    Huzzah for the RAN!!!

  2. My Red soul is tinged green with envy Tas,although having just taken delivery of a case of WaS boosters, and with another of WaS Task Force on the way, I feel I may soon overwhelm you with sheer weight of numbers in our next game, in true Revolutionary style......