07 February 2009

Turnerquade I

"Turnerquade" was a gaming weekend held in the Man Cave's nearby Annex, colloquially referred to as "the House", in July 2008 (the Man Cave Annex is situated in the Canberra suburb of Tuner, hence the name). Lucky attended from interstate and for two days the women folk allowed the three lads to play as much as possible. Accordingly, the objective was to play as many games, using as many different game systems as possible, in the allocated time. Needless to say, it was AWESOME.

So awesome in fact, that it was followed recently by Turnerquade II, with Turnerquade III now in planning. Here are some highlights of last July's games:
Space Marine Commanders consider the tactical options for a Difficult mission in Space Hulk (arguably GW's best ever game)


Lucky laments the appearance of the 'Fuel tank hit - target destroyed!" card, while Reilly's lone surviving fighter goes in for the kill on a Jap fighter (GMT's Down in Flames - Zero!) "Arrrggghhhh...Ahoy me me hearties!" Two scallywag Captains in a game of "Pirate's Cove" "Take that Vile Hun!" says Biggles, in a WW1 aerial game (using "Algy pulls it off" by Too Fat Lardies)
The Man Cave in action - an eager subordinate begs his Commander to engage the enemy, in a late war FoW US vs Germans game
Appropriate winter headwear was the key to Russian Victory over the Finns in the Memoir 44 game.
Germans triumph over the US in this North African encounter (Memoir 44) - a protest regarding the possible luck granted by my coffee mug's slogan is still pending resolution.


  1. Looks like a great time for all!

    And a great selection of games as well.


  2. It sure was - more to pics to follow plus some from Turnerquade II!