24 July 2007

New FPV BatRep posted

A new battle Report was posted last week, starring FPV author Anton. An NVA vs ANZAC scenario:

" Well we finally get a BATREP for a game played by two fire teams of Flashpoint Miniatures staff and helpers. Anton "Six Actual" Ducrot and Chris "Crunchie" Putan (2000 points NVA and VC including a MiG-17 for air interdiction) and Drew "Dragonfire" Birkmyre and Andrew "Foggy" Fogg (2000 points ANZAC's with a USMC Ready Reaction Force mounted in helo's), played a Free Fire Zone mission. Three allied VC cells held up the ANZAC left flank for several turns before finally being over run by the ANZAC's while the balance of the ANZAC's were face to face with two full strength NVA platoons. The NVA "popped" the recoiless rifles in an ambush on the unsuspecting ANZAC M113's on the ANZAC right flank leaving nothing but a pile of flaming wrecks. The ANZAC's never got a chance to call in the USMC as they could not get a clear LZ with all potential sites well covered by the NVA HMG's and AT-7 Saggers. It was a battle of attrition and a draw was called once resources, the beer, rum and pizza's, ran out. Kim "The Boss" Ducrot watched on in awe (yeah, right) supporting the communist forces while your intrepid reporter, Ken "TailEndCharlie" Cole, played scribe, photographer and waiter."
See some great photos of the action here:

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