05 April 2006

GnTs and Production

Well the factorium is a hive of activity once more as promised!

Dash it all though, my box brown has packed it in (must have been that blasted donkey ride through the HinduKush) and I'll have to get a replacement. I must ask my sister to send another from London. She can send it with my new Mess Jacket after the last one got burnt doing the 'dance of the flamers'...

Anyhow, while I work on the latest creations, I thought I would share my thoughts on how to make the 'perfect' Gin and Tonic!

At the end of a long hot day one needs a G&T to restore a positive outlook on life. Of course, one should have the mess steward fetch it for you, but a gentlemen must know how to provide for himself and his guests in a emergency.

1. Pour the gin into a highball glass filled with ice. A crystal glass most assuredly improves the taste

2. Add the Gin. This is the element that requires extensive research. My personal favourite is Bombay Sapphire which has an herbaceous and complex flavour but I would encourage you to sample as many types as possible. Just like a good scotch or wine there are many flavour combinations. Gordons is really light and crisp, it isn’t very complex or herbaceous. Tanqueray is quite lemony and a bit sharper and more bitter. Plymouth Gin is full bodies with strong juniper overtones. The amount required traditionally is 30ml but I have found that it sometimes depends on how much positive outlook you require. Once again this also takes some research to get it right .

3. Garnish with a slice of lemon lime to finish it off, I prefer lime with my Bombay gin but if I can’t get it then lemon. I use lemon with Tanqueray or Gordons.

4. The correct proportion is one measure of gin and two of tonic. Again, significant research is required.

5. Use fresh tonic water from a small bottle or can. Do yourself a favour and don’t get the diet style, after all this is for medicinal purposes

6. Take your refreshment out to the porch and consume till your positive outlook on life has been restored.

Coming Soon: The Tsar's Terror Tower!

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