Weird WW2

I'm currently building a German Weird WW2 army for use for Secrets of the Third Reich, as well and both US and German forces for Incursion.  Plus some Russians, because...Spider Mecha!

Next up are the Yanks of the US 'Lucky' 7th Armoured Division (Reorganised)

My WW2 Brit Paras - historical force, needs some weird elements to be added

This is my German Mechanised Grenadier styled force, with some werewolves and other weird goodies too.  Here is what I've done so far:
Scratch Built Droyne units - based on hand casting by 'House55'

BAM Hetzer with Soundkannon

WestWind German Sniper

WestWind German PzGren

WestWindLMG Team

WestWind German Sniper
A trio of WestWind Jagerhounds