Gaming CV

I'm not a game designer per se, but have turned my hand to a few endeavours over the years:

"How to Train Your Opponent", Wargames Illustrated,  Issue 291 (Jan 12)
"Gamer Dad" column, The Campaigner Magazine, Issues 2, 3 and 4

Games Co-Author:
Zeppelin Raider - Compass Games
Wrath of the Syren (Aeronef Campaign Supplement) - Wessex Games
Land Ironclads (1/1200 VSF wargame) - Wessex Games
Aquanef (VSF Naval wargame) - Wessex Games (in Draft)
Battlefields New York City (Monster Island supplement) - Firefly Games
Freeplay 88 (Supplement for Shipwreck, modern naval gaming) - Vandering Publications

Silent Victory - Consim Press (published by GMT Games)

Polyversal - Collins Epic Wargames
Bulldogs Away! (modern Fast attack naval combat) - A&A Game Engineering
B-29: Hell over Korea - Kyber Pass Games
War Rocket (Pulp SF spaceship combat) - Hydra Miniatures
Band of Heroes (WW2 Tactical boardgame) - Matrix games
Epic Armageddon - Games Workshop
Og (Caveman gaming) - Fire-Fly Games
Verrotwood (Horror Skirmish) - Independant