Blood Bowl

Our Blood Bowl Teams and Figures

Nurgle team (more here)

Dungeonbowl: College of Shadows (more here)

The Darkland Decimators: Chaos Dwarf team (Greebo figures)
The Terracotta Tearers: Khemri Team (various figures - more here)

Da Smashing Pumpkinz: Orc Team (Converted GW Warhammer figures)

The Capital City Crushers: Ogre Team (2nd Edition GW figures)
The Knights Who Say Ni: Chaos Team (GW Figs) - More Here

Odinn's Champions: Norse (GW figs, Roll Jordan Snow Troll).  More Here
The Norse Turn Marker

The Death Stars: Orc (GW Figs, Roll Jordan Troll)  More Here

The Death Valley Dreadnoughts: Orc Team (Black Scorpion figs).  More Here

The Hellmouth Heroes: Vampire (GW Figs).  more Here

The Cheese Eating Monkeys: Undead, GW Figs (more here)
Cold Blooded Croakers: Slann Team (Warrior Frog Figs by Eureka Miniatures)