02 March 2011

Saxon Warriors

Presenting the Saxon Thegns who are the heavy troops defending their homes from the Northmen, but also known to raid one other, the Welsh, the Cornish, Mercia...you get the picture.
Saxon swordsmen
Saxon Axemen
and Introducing 'The Ultimate Saxon Warrior' who is armed with every conceivable weapon plus a horn (for drinking with of course, not sounding signals!)
Again all figs are by Wargames Factory, painted by my mate Ken M.


  1. Have you considered putting a wash over these figures? I like the choice of colors - makes for very bold figures, but a little weathering/shading would go a long way to making them look more realistic.

  2. They're good especially the bow string on that The Ultimate Saxon Warrior figure.

  3. CTF - actually they do but the colours are a bit washed out in the pics. Thanks for the friendly advice though, most appreciated!

  4. Lurker - all the bows are strung actually. Ken hangs the thread from the roof with a weight on it, then gives it 2-3 coats of PVA to make it taught. Then you can cut it to length as necessary - very effective eh?

    Thanks Ray!

  5. well wicked ! like the warrior armed to the teeth

    -- Allan