19 March 2011

Viking Code of Conduct

I found this trolling around the web and found it quite interesting as a general outlook on these bawdy fellows.

This code is basically defined by four main virtues: honesty, hospitality, courage and loyalty. Besides those, Vikings also admire cunning and luck. Although cunning is more of a vice than a virtue, the way it’s used or the results obtained from it wind up bringing reputation to the man who uses it. The true Viking hero has all these characteristics in abundance, besides being a deadly warrior, a sly poet, an enthusiast of partying and drinking.



  1. .......an enthusiast of drinking and partying, that's more of a mantra.

  2. Whatever it is, I'm embracing it!

  3. And when you die in battle you go to Valhalla where you fight, eat, drink and wench. Now that's the heaven for me.

  4. According to the code I was once a Viking, now all the drinking and partying has led to 4 kids, no money and being called a sad git for having a blog about "painting toy soldiers".
    Valhalla sounds cool though!!!