20 March 2011

The Warband of Rollo the Frenzied

This is my Viking Warband for the weekend's raid using the "Age of Blood" rules (starting with Renown 5 and 500 silver pieces like the Lad.)  I went for a small but tough and well-equipped crew:

1. Warband Leader: Rollo the Frenzied.  Level 1 Hero. Traits: Frenzy, Fast Draw, Chainmail, Shield, Helmet, Sword, Axe (Birthright: Talented) Renown: 5
2. Svend, Champion, Level 1 Hero. Trait: Resilient . Chainmail, Shield, Helmet, Sword.
3. Olaf the Crazed, Berserker. Shield, Sword, Axe
4. Askold, Huscarl. Leather Armour, Shield, Broad Axe, Axe
5. Thrand, Huscarl. Leather Armour, Shield, Axe
6. Osten, Huscarl. Leather Armour, Shield, Axe
7. Fafnir, Huscarl. Leather Armour, Shield, Axe
8. Hlod, Huscarl. Leather Armour, Shield, Axe, Bow

Historical footnote: Rollo the Frenzied is named after his renowned great-grandson, Rollo of Normandy:


  1. Hi Man Cave,

    Looking suitably blood thirsty and full of saga fuelled fury (or should that be lager fuelled fury?)



  2. The famous Rollo, spoken of in many a Nordic pub, famous for his skill at brigandage.

  3. Knowing the Northmen's love of ale, its probably a "lager saga" DC!

    Indeed so Lurker, and those feats will be replayed on our gaming table methinks (and hopes)!