26 March 2011

Heroes of the Dark Age

I found this small UK based figure manufacturer about two weeks ago via Tidder's blog: The Nothelm Chronicle. As you might expect from the name, they specialise in Dark Ages range figures in 28mm including Vikings, Saxons, Normans and Heroes but also with some fantasy and ancient Greeks thrown in too.
DA1 Wulfhere - a great fig I just had to have! (from the Heroes website)

Wanting to get a few specific character figures for our Age of Blood Campaign, I made a small order of a dozen or so figs.  It arrived here in Oz today which is very prompt customer service.  The figures are crisply cast with no flash, and the padded bag protected tham pretty well in their global voyage.  Overall, I'm very happy with these and look forward to getting some paint on them - hopefully this weekend.
DA 23 Hrothgar - another chap I just had to invite over for an ale (from the Heroes website)



  1. awesome! looking forward to your painted figs.

  2. Great looking figures. How do they fit in with Gripping Beast?

  3. Thanks guys - looking forward to having them done. Got a few monks and priests too!

    Beccas - sorry mate I dont have any GB, only Wargames Factory figs. I'll do some side by side pics with them in due course, but they look about right.