31 March 2011

Dark Ages month - Lessons Learnt

As the March comes to a close, so too does my first wargaming 'focus month' during which I endeavoured to concentrate on one (and only one) gaming genre.   That means its time to review what I got done, and what lessons I've learned for next time. In no particular order:

* Firstly, I really enjoyed the focus but it was hard! 

* My focus also spilled over into my internet trawling, reading, and movies.  The Lad was similarly infatuated.  Random Viking "High-5s" around the house are cool (the girls will never understand)

* Having buddies to play our big Age of Blood games was pivotal as it gave a specific gaming outcome during the month rather than just modelling.  

* In doing research into a new genre, I came across the net lots of great new blogs, rules and manufacturers.  I really enjoyed that aspect of the month.

* I achieved lots of terrain modelling - all of it from scratch - but not much in the way of figures.  In retrospect I guess it was really a Dark Ages terrain focused month.  That said, I built my A-Frame house, two hovels, finished off the Great Hall, painted and based the menhirs, painted up the well, spit roast and the wood pile.  At the end of the month I then had some trees and figures delivered.  So overall I'm happy with the what I got done.

*Actually, now it comes to the end of the month, I'm on a roll and don't want to move on at all...so I won't!


- Have all the materials ready for the start of the focus month, particularly as shipping from UK/US to Oz takes 2-3 weeks in general.  That means its really a two month process - one for online shopping & shipping, one for doing.  That will help extend the newly implemented (by SWMBO) gaming budget which was rather taxed this month!

- Try and do something every night, even if its just a wash, a drybrush or a bit of gluing.  Avoiding the siren's call of the www to do this can be a challenge, especially after a gruelling day at work.  To do this I need a better setup in the house which minimises mess and storage, but is easy to get to and pack away quickly.

- Having a gaming on-topic gaming event adds great focus and, a deadline to work to, and the satisfaction of putting the fruits one's labour directly onto the table.

Just a few thoughts form the Man Cave, whats your take on 'focus months': fantastic or fad?


  1. Well I for one have enjoyed your Dark Age/Viking posts, cheers!!!

  2. Totally agree on your "Try and do something every night" lesson. Lot's of little steps add up over time.



  3. Hi Man Cave,

    All in all a superb effort - not just for what you have achieved personally but also in spreading the enthusiasm!

    You are so right about the little steps every night as even 5 minutes devoted to anything hobby like has a benefit out of all proportion to the time expended.

    I have really enjoyed reading the saga (no pun intended!)of the figures, scenery and games and how it has all come together and as for rolling it onwards I say why not? Milk it for all its worth!

    Well done sir!


  4. Every night I do a little bit on some models or scenery and actually will get annoyed with myself if I don't, next moth will be focusing on one period and have been trawling books, the net and forums for information.

  5. Hi

    Great idea which i hope to nick off you for April,
    The question is what to concentrate on?
    It really helps to do a little bit each night, but is very difficult sometimes with family and www to get on to the painting desk.
    If i havnt done anything hobby related all day then i make sure i do a little bit when i get home from work around 0230, that way there is no distractions apart from sleep calling me


  6. Yeah nice one, I also have enjoyed a bit of Dark age love, will keep me eye on this space.

  7. I tend to go thru a phase of concentrating on one period (ususally about 1 to 2 months) - with Dark Ages recently.

    I keep a supply of items (terrain or figs) to work on for all my periods to maintain interest.

    I try to get in at least 1hr at the modelling desk each day.

    -- Allan