25 March 2011

Warband Update

As a result of our recent raid on the Saxon hamlet, the Viking warbands of Rollo the Frenzied and Gizar the Ironic have seen some development, and some setbacks:

Rollo the Frenzied
* 2 wounded Vikings in the last battle: Thrand is expected to recover but will miss the next expedition.
Fafnir died with his sword in his hand and has gone to Valhalla.

*As a result of dispatching a few of the enemy, including a noble warrior, Rollo has been elevated to a Level 2 Hero and his renown has increased to 6.  His additional new trait is ambidextrous, so now he can wield both sword and axe simultaneously- handy!  Svend the champion need 5 more experience points to get to level 2.

* Went to Norway to sell the English plunder, which all fetched a reasonable price and a total sum of 171 silver was raised.  Rollo and Gizar split it fairly, with Rollo gaining 86 Silver

* Rollo paid his men their full upkeep of 32 silver, leaving him with 54.  Wanting to take advantage of being in Norway, and aware that he will be two men down for the next battle, Rollo sought out a Norwegian Shield Maiden and convinced Valeria to join his band for 32 silver.

Gizar the Ironic
* Vikur the Viking made a full recovery and is itching to be in the next battle - stout lad!

* Some experience gained by the heroes but no levelling up.  Hagbard the Hairy only needs 1 more experience to reach level 2.

* With his 85 silver, Gizar paid his men their full upkeep and obtained the services of a eccentric and curious chap who it is claimed performs Sorcery.  There are some who call him....Tim!


  1. I like Tim, the results weren't too bad for the band.

  2. I absolutely love this campaign system. Its one of the reasons I am such a Legends of the Old West nut.

  3. Campaigns are wonderful fun and a whole new element to the game. In fact showing the Lad character development through campaigns is one of the major instructional objectives of this project. With two games in now, we can build a bit of character with these new elements.

    Of course, the hardest bit about any campaign is maintaining player interest. I would rather complete a small campaign than start a big one and abandon it after 2 or 3 turns.

  4. Yes Lurker - tha bands are doing OK - nothing over balancing but enough to progress a bit.

    I can see that with a lot of extra casualties it could all go horribly and the next battle you'd end up with 10 novice spearman with no armour...