15 March 2011

Viking Menhirs

I saw these awhile ago (http://tasmancave.blogspot.com/2010/10/runestones-and-menhirs.html) and liked them so much I bought one large one for myself, plus two smaller ones.  These lovely menhirs are produced by Fenris Games and add a lot of theme to Dark Age battles without taking up great deal of table space.

They come cast in grey resin with great detail and no flash whatsoever - in fact I used them as delivered for their first game.  However, the wonderful detailing deserved better treatment.  I gave them a wash with some watered down GW Badab Black and a light grey drybrush.  I also based them to help stability: the smaller ones were OK on flat ground but the larger one was very unstable.  A bit of GW flock (to match my GW gaming mat) and some silfour tufts completed them.

That green wash in the crevasses is me trying for a mossy/wet kind of look without using flock, which would look a bit over the top I think.

Interestingly, the larger one is based on the Stora Hammers I stone in Sweden:

Depicted on the Stora Hammars I stone are six panels with mythological, religious and martial background, including panels depicting a woman between two men, a sacrifice scene with a Valknut over the altar, a woman standing between a longship manned with armed warriors and another group of armed men, and a battle scene. Because of the position of the woman in two of the panels, it has been interpreted as illustrating the legend of Hildr. The stone includes an image of a warrior about to be hung from a tree with a Valknut nearby, considered to be Odin's cult symbol, giving validity to reports regarding human sacrifice in Norse paganism. Near the alter is a shaped stone, which one scholar has been suggested may be a cult stone similar to the Elgesem runestone.

from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stora_Hammar_stone


  1. nice menhirs - tempted to buy some

    -- Allan

  2. Very nice, good size and well painted.

  3. Lovely and this'll go great with my Vikings (that is when they're done) and my Long Ship. Which Viking minis are those?

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Tidders - very reasonable for the price I think, and very crisply cast

    Herrodadog - Wargames Factory's hard plastic minis. And I still cant fine one of those lovely longships you did!

  5. Cor!! I like them... I can feel a pain in my wallet, the dosh is leaving on it's own accord, dammit!!