12 March 2011

Elite Miniatures Aust - First Order

Yesterday I got my first order from Elite Miniatures Australia, and I'm impressed.  Having recently seen that they are now supplying Architects of War goodies in Oz (http://wargamerblue.blogspot.com/) I promptly ordered both the Well and Roasting Pit sets for my Dark Age village:
G002A Well Set

G015 Roasting Pit Set

My goodies arrived less than 4 days after I made the order, and with Nathan ringing me long distance to sort out my order and payment details.  Not only that but the P&P was excellent with lots of bubble wrap protecting the my order from pretty much every conceivable threat.

I'll review the items separately soon (they are in works in progress now) but I just wanted to give a Man Cave thumbs up to Nathan at Elite Miniatures Australia - I'll be a returning customer for sure.



  1. SWMBO likes the well and wants to know is Timmy down there? Ask Skippy! :-)

  2. Skip is busy recovering the ute and stopping it from falling off the cliff :-)