01 March 2011

March into the Dark Ages

I've been inspired seeing what some people can do if they focus specifically on one genre of gaming for a whole month (take a bow Steve and David).  For someone like me with an appalling 'ohh shiny' complex, this approach is exactly what I need!  So all inspired after our Viking and Saxon jaunt over the weekend, I've decided to focus March on the Dark Ages.

Figure wise I'm pretty good for core troops right now (noting we are focusing on skirmishing scale games) so I'll be focusing on terrain (I don't have much in the way of 28mm) and supporting theme stuff - villagers and the like.  I admit up front I'm going to cheat - I'll start the month showcasing what's already in the cupboard...but it hasn't graced the www before, it will keep me motivated and buy me some time to make stuff.  Finally, this focus will get me in a good place to play our next scheduled Dark Age skirmish game near the end of the month.

So here we go: starting with the Saxons, I present the Fyrd light troops:
Saxon skirmishers with throwing spears
Saxon Bowmen (yes that's an ancestor of 'Where's Wally' on the right!)

All figs are hard plastic by Wargames Factory, painted by my talented mate Ken M.  They aren't based properly yet - you may have noticed that we used coloured tabs for our other game to keep track on who owns which warrior - but that's a work in progress.  I think 25mm square bases will be the go - that way they can form up nicely into shieldwall formations.


  1. Nice looking warriors.

    Gripping beast also do plastic saxons & vkings. I use mostly metal figs form them and a few from other sources.

    Looking forward to see how you'll be doing your scenics etc.

    -- Allan

  2. And I'm looking forward to showing you Allan! Cheers :-)